Modern solutions for 3D Graphics, VR/AR and Game development

Fish Run Games is a team of professional developers.

We provide high quality service in the area of software development.

Our specialization includes everything related to math and complex calculations:

Virtual Reality

We develop VR applications since 2018. We have our own 3D Rendering engine based on OpenGL capable of rendering VR environment even on a regular devices. No special VR devices needed.

Computer vision and object recognition

We use OpenCV and modern machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Caffe, to perform object recognition from photos and videos. Our solutions are available both for Web, Mobile and Desktop.

Augmented Reality

We use our own 3D Rendering engine to render 2D or 3D objects over video stream, providing high quality AR experience.

Media streaming

When you need to stream audio or video over the internet, no matter P2P or to centralized. We have our own media streaming service written in C++, and it is available on Github.

3D Graphics rendering

With our own 3D Rendering engine, we are capable of handling high-end graphics rendering algorithms, providing realistic appearance with reasonable performance.

Game Development

We develop games since 2012. We can provide game development service, using variety of engines: Cocos2D, RenPy or bare OpenGL/Metal.