Services we provide

Outsourcing and legacy code support

In our work we use many open source projects, and adapt them to our needs. We have our own approach about how to handle third-party code. If you got some work unfinished by previous team, we are ready to finish project after them. If your application is slow, or laggy, or crash sometimes, we can find weak spots and optimize application.

Android and iOS application development

Our team main work is mobile application development. We already set up our working process to develop applications in a quick and easy way. Vladislav Khorev, lead developer of Fish Run Games SIA, has 6 years experience developing applications.

Complete web service development

Typical web-service can be divided into backend side with database and API, web frontend and mobile applications. We have experience developing all of the above. We are most experienced using Node.JS along with MongoDB or PostgreSQL on backend and Bootstap with Angular or React JS on frontend. However, if you have other technology stack, we can discuss it.

2D and 3D game development

Vladislav Khorev, lead developer of Fish Run Games SIA, has game development experience since 2012, including OpenGL 2.0, GLSL shaders and memory optimizations. If you need to port game to mobile, or modify existing mobile game or create a new game, contact us, we can help you.

How to work with us

If you want to develop application, just describe your plan, and we will prepare a commertial offer.

In commertial offer we describe in details:

  • How to achieve your aim
  • Best solutions and technology stack to be used
  • Price and time estimates

Then our team and you discuss estimates and edit offer, if needed. After we agree at everything, we sign a deal and start working.

Payment methods

We accept:

  • SWIFT wired transfer
  • PayPal

Our company is located in Latvia, EU, while development team is based in Russia. Location in EU makes any modern way of payment available for us. If you want to pay in other way, we can discuss.

Our work process

Gitlab photo

1. Initial setup

Our project management is based on Scrum.

For each project, we create and configure:

  • Git repository;
  • task list and bug tracker;
  • wiki;
  • continuous integration system.

For Git, task list and wiki, we use Gitlab. For CI system we use Jenkins.

For legacy project - we configure it, build and make it run on target device. As soon as project builds successfully, we put project into Git repository and setup it build on Jenkins. All code or resources related to project go to repository too.

For new project - we take one of our project templates and delpoy it into Git / Jenkins as well.

Robert and Airat standing near board

2. Filling backlog

Manager Galiya is questioning customer to know more details about project. Details are added to Wiki as pages, so later developers could read and understand structure of project and other technical details.

Together with customer, Galiya prepare list of features to add, and put it into Gitlab as list of issues. That is our backlog.

Robert and Airat photo

3. Working

Development is separated into "sprints". For each sprint, we take several tasks from backlog, separate into small tasks and implement it. The most difficult tasks are selected by lead developer Vladislav, others are distributed between other developers.

For each task, developer create a dedicated branch and write code in there. When task is finished, branch is merged into main branch "master".

Robert and Galiya photo

4. Testing

Jenkins CI system automatically creates a new build of application when task is finished. Application along with list of finished tasks is tested by Galiya, and delivered to customer along with report about work finished.

If Galiya find issues during testing, she let developer to know about it, and add this bug to task list.