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Разработка игр и программного обеспечения

Мы маленькая команда разработчиков из России, наша цель - привнести новый взгляд на разработку програмного обеспечения. Мы предоставим более низкие цены и более качественный сервис, чем другие компании по разработке ПО

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Gameplay video is added to portfolio

Автор: Vladislav Khorev, время публикации: 2017-02-13 22:36:58

Successfully added video to several games: Asteroid, Sky Trek, Crystal or Rhylil and Double Hit Balls. Additionally, added video to Heart of Three demo and to Reflected Mountain Android Wallpaper

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BEST in Google Play

Автор: Vladislav Khorev, время публикации: 2017-01-05 06:00:44

BEST application successfully published in Google Play! With this application Facebook users can give each other badges and rediscover their hidden abilities. Next step - publish BEST in App store.

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Gitlab integration

Автор: Vladislav Khorev, время публикации: 2017-01-03 13:45:55

Gitlab successfully integrated into Fish Run Games portfolio. Now each project, finished or unfinished, have repository in Gitlab. Some repositories are public, so everyone can see source code of our games and applications. Welcome!

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